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“to continue without fading or being lost”

At Abide, you will...

  1. connect with other returning workers

  2. identify the losses you have experienced

  3. celebrate the things you have gained from your overseas experience

  4. survey the stages of transition and learn tips to navigate them well

  5. spend time with a personal debriefer

  6. craft your story to tell to others

  7. discern between “scaffolding” and “props” in your personal life

For many people, re-entering life in the home culture proves to be more difficult than they expect.  When people return “home,” they realize that life has gone on without them and that can be painful.  They also realize they are not the same person they were before they left.  It can be a very distressing time of transition for many people.

Reentry for the cross-cultural worker need not be just a time of grief and confusion; it can also be a valuable time of growth.  During the five days of Abide, participants process their experiences, grieve their losses, celebrate their gains, and learn to tell their story well so they can move into their next season of life at home or abroad with joy.  We incorporate a variety of experiential activities and different forms of media to aid their process.  Abide will help them navigate this period of readjustment without fading or being lost.

This debriefing provided just what we needed at just the tight time.  In a time of great uncertainty, it provided us with resources for healing.

—Abide Participant

All missionaries should go through this program during their time of home ministry assignment, especially after seasons of difficulty.  Very important for staying emotionally healthy!

—Abide Participant

Our return to the U.S. was unexpected and not what we wanted.  Our time at Abide has helped us grieve our losses, rejoice in our gains, and learn how to tell our story well.  Our reentry process has been difficult, but we now understand what we’re going through and have new hope for the future.  Thank you!

—Abide Participant

** Please note that snacks, lunch and dinner meals are provided by TRAIN International for the duration of this training.  Breakfast, housing and travel are the responsibility of the participants.

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