equipping for cross-cultural effectiveness

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For most of our trainings (ABIDE, ORIENT and ACQUIRE), we have an equivalent children’s and youth component and provide competent, quality childcare for toddlers and younger.  Parents can stay focused on their training sessions knowing that their children are being cared for, learning cross-cultural skills and having fun.

We endeavor to provide training for kids that is:


We recognize that many kids learn best by doing, so we incorporate a variety of learning activities and experiences into our children’s and youth programs.


For kids three and under, experienced care-givers provide love and attention in a safe environment.  Kids four and older experience age-appropriate, hands-on lessons and have the freedom to express their excitement and concerns about being in a world of change.


We balance training time with rest time and play time to meet kids’ needs.  We allot time for kids to keep up with their school work, if needed.


Kids learn about the same topics as their parents so they can have talking points during family time.  When appropriate, adults and kids participate in learning activities together.


We Value Kids!