equipping for cross-cultural effectiveness

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At Orient, you will...

  1. map out your personal spiritual journey

  2. discover how your personal decision making process affects others

  3. learn how to handle interpersonal conflict

  4. learn good team building principles and put them into practice

  5. examine how lifestyle choices have impact on the field

  6. discern between “scaffolding” and “props” in your personal life

  7. survey stages of transition and learn tips to navigate them well

  8. discuss skills to implement when personal and culture values clash

  9. identify stressors and ways to handle them

Going through the training at TRAIN International has impacted the way we function as a team, as families, and as individuals.  I don’t know what this first five months would have been like, facing the things that we have faced (both big and small), if we had not gone through Orient together.  But it probably would not have been as easy or productive as it has been.  Thank You!

— Orient Participant

Studies have shown that, of those that leave their overseas assignment, 70% come back for preventable reasons.  This two-week pre-departure training aims to equip people headed overseas with skills to help them navigate transition, stress, culture shock, and relationships so they can be more prepared and stay effective in whatever surroundings they find themselves.

During this 13-day intensive training, participants engage in a variety of learning methods and activities to address spiritual formation, personal identity, personal and cultural values, expectations, transitions, cultural adaptation, stress management, and leaving well. TRAIN International partners with Discovery Ministries during this training held in Eminence, MO, to lead participants through a multiple day wilderness expedition that provides a platform of experiences to aid in drawing out potential challenges and presents opportunities for growth in embracing the unexpected, dealing with conflict, and developing healthy relational skills.

I liked that the training gave us both group and individual time to process.  I also liked the blend of Bible, research, and activities.

— Orient Participant

** Please note that housing and all meals and snacks are provided by TRAIN International for the duration of the training.  Transportation to and from this training in Eminence, MO are the responsibility of the participants.

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