equipping for cross-cultural effectiveness

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At Acquire, you will...

  1. learn proven and effective principles and techniques of language acquisition

  2. understand the impact language learning will have on your whole overseas experience

  3. practice phonetic sounds

  4. improve your ability to hear different sounds

  5. learn to make new sounds with your mouth

  6. get tips on working with language helpers on the field

  7. spend time with language helpers putting into practice the phonetic training and language learning methods

  8. gain the confidence that you CAN learn your target language

Acquire has been a useful training and I’m excited to start putting it all into practice in our host country!  I feel that I’m much more prepared to go learn not only a language, but a culture, in which the people desperately need Jesus.

—Acquire Participant

This two-week intensive training equips cross-cultural workers with current strategies and tools in language  acquisition so they can be more successful in language acquisition overseas. 

Participants sharpen their ability to hear phonetic sounds of other languages and gain speech flexibility so they can pronounce the new phonetic sounds correctly.  Instructors challenge, encourage and inspire students to be the best  language learners they can possibly be.

Through ACQUIRE, we not only give students a new tool, but as one participant said, “I walked away with a whole new toolbox!”

This is a top notch program that has completely changed how I will approach learning a new language.  I walked away gaining so much more than I thought I would.  If I had to take it again…I WOULD!

—Acquire Participant

I learned the techniques to learn a language but I also walked away with an actual game plan for how to do it once we land.

—Acquire Participant

** Please note that snacks, lunch and dinner meals are provided by TRAIN International during the week for the duration of this training.  Meals on the weekend, breakfasts, housing and travel to and from the training are the responsibility of the participants.

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