Our ORIENT training in partnership with Discovery Ministries equips cross-cultural workers with a solid foundation through spiritual formation, strategies for leaving well, principles and approaches for cultural adaptation, healthy coping abilities for culture shock, interpersonal conflict skills, methods for team building, awareness of singleness and family issues, and the encouragement and confidence to engage these challenges well.

What is Pre-Field?

ORIENT is a two-week, pre-departure training that equips cross-cultural workers to thrive in their new context. We combine a multi-day wilderness expedition with classroom instruction to illuminate challenges on the field and equip you with methods for surmounting them. 

  • Learn skills for discovering and adapting to a new culture
  • Survey stages of transition and how to navigate them well
  • Identify personal stressors and discover healthy ways to cope with them 
  • Gain effective team building strategies and practice implementing them
  • Learn how to maintain spiritual vitality in a challenging environment
  • Discuss the challenges and benefits of raising children in a cross-cultural environment

Preparing for an extended season cross-culturally is a much different process from preparing for a short-term trip. ORIENT is a two-week, pre-departure training that equips cross-cultural workers to thrive in their new context. From navigating the stress of transition to dealing with culture shock and team dynamics, we’ll prepare you for the challenges ahead and equip you for long-term effectiveness.

In this unique training, we partner with Discovery Ministries in Eminence, MO to incorporate a multi-day wilderness expedition. You’ll participate in a variety of activities that will help you understand your personal and cultural values, conflict resolution style, problem-solving skills, and the ways you function on a team (as a leader, under stress, and more). 

We also include classroom instruction and group discussion, allowing you to process what you’re learning. Our ORIENT training covers common challenges that cross-cultural workers face, including dealing with unmet expectations, learning to embrace the unexpected, developing healthy relational skills, maintaining a vibrant spiritual life in a cross-cultural context, adapting to a new culture, managing stress, and understanding team dynamics. We’ll help you gain the self-awareness and the practical tools necessary to implement these lessons in your new environment.

In addition to the hands-on training we provide, we work with each worker’s sending agency and local church to discern what support systems are in place and how workers are well-prepared. Studies show that over 70% of global workers who return from the field prematurely do so for preventable reasons. Through ORIENT, we prepare cross-cultural workers to not only remain for the duration of their service, but to grow and thrive while serving. 


April 25-May 8, 2022

August 29-September 11, 2022



10-19 YRS


**5-9 YRS




Meals & Lodging

The cost of ORIENT covers all meals, lodging, training content, materials and follow-up. Participants are responsible for travel to and from the training facility at 17043 State Route E, Eminence, MO 65466. If you have questions please contact us.

** Children ages 0-9 do not take part in the outdoor portion but join for the second week of classroom-based training. 


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