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The Shaky Bridge of Transition

As we talked about in our previous blog post, everyone undergoes many life changes (external) as well as transitions (internal) from babyhood through childhood and adulthood. Some transitions are expected, some are unexpected, some come from unfulfilled expectations, and some are so gradual that they may not be noticed for... Read More

4 Types of Transition (And Some May Surprise You)

Not all transitions look the same. To navigate transitions it helps to identify what kind of transition we are facing. Every person experiences change circumstances. But how we perceive the change happening to us can determine how we navigate the transition—the changed relationships, routines, assumptions, and roles. According... Read More

What’s The Difference Between Change and Transition?

When you hear the word transition, what do you think of? I suppose we started really being aware of transition when we were getting ready to face one of the biggest life changes our family would ever encounter: we were preparing to move our family of six overseas... Read More
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